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An action to cheer a local Democrat

The last time this happened Cobourg Council wimped out. This time they are being adventurous and daring. We applaud them. What we are talking about is a Councillor replacement process. When Cllr. Rickerby resigned Council appointed the now Cllr. Burchat.…

Light relief from our Pal in PH

As happens often, a young couple came to the door seeking my advice. They bore the furrowed brows of the confused, a hallmark of those living outside Facebook, always an encouraging sign. “Mr. Christie, we’re confused -as you can probably…

Finally a post!

You may have noticed that there has not been a post on this site since August 25th many weeks ago. I owe you, the faithful readers an explanation – ennui and a sense of “what’s the point” set in.