Odds and Sods

We think we are back to normal

A message from the Publisher: Without admitting paranoia all we can say is “I agree” with a comment received yesterday to the announcement that the site had been taken down. “I think being hacked means you are doing something significant…

Singing the Praises of Costco

Being a lover of documentaries, and a follower of businesses that buck trends, of course I had to watch a show produced last year by American broadcaster CNBC titled "Costco Craze: Inside the Warehouse Giant" when it was shown recently.

Revenge of the Disabled

It finally happened. Recently I got the chance to confront the unfortunate young and physically fit man who had parked in the one and only designated space for the disabled in front of the store I wanted to visit.

No Siesta in Mexico

It’s been a rollercoaster of a winter for us here in snowy Cobourg, never knowing whether to brace for sun and spring-like conditions or look for the snow shovel again. But while we’re bravely carrying on about our business, the…

Sunday snippets

Provincial Liberal leadership race: Next weekend the hoopla starts for the wonks in the local libs. Unfortunately the excitement that is being created is in their own minds.

Thursday twitters

So who went to the Boxing day Sales? Why bother when the items on sale were out of stock. Apple products have been hit by a supply problem and it shows – over 100 people are backordered, at the local…