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We think we are back to normal

A message from the Publisher: Without admitting paranoia all we can say is “I agree” with a comment received yesterday to the announcement that the site had been taken down. “I think being hacked means you are doing something significant…

The next four years

Looking at the latest iteration of corporatism, Cobourg’s Strategic Plan, we have all been asked to comment and tell Council what we think of their efforts to plan the next four years. So here are ours.

Suggestions accepted

For the first four Council meetings the Mayor and Council in Cobourg will be listening to the Citizens. Starting on January 12th anybody who wants can speak to Council for five minutes. So folks take them up on it. We…

Another pertinent Guest Post

October 2, 2014 Dear Member of Parliament, Rick Norlock; I stand strongly beside Canada’s robust defence of Israel. I stand as strongly behind Canada’s vocal defence of Ukraine. I also appreciate all of the assorted adjectives and adverbs used to…