Monthly Archives: November 2012

The sweet smell of garbage

What’s with garbage and Municipalities? In efforts to get a handle on municipal waste costs all municipalities of all stripes have blown their brains out on wacky ideas and permutations of gimmickry

Monday Musings

More money for the Downtown Revitalisation is on the agenda for tonight’s Council meeting. $5,500 from the Farmers’ Market fund will be used to for a formal marketing camaign to induce people to complete an online survey.

Complacent in Cobourg

As an almost life-long resident of fair Cobourg with a smattering of experience living in other Canadian locales it seems reasonable that I have acquired enough experience to make comment about the town of my birth

Public consultation?

A bombshell hit the civic-watchers a couple of weeks ago. Suggested by the Deputy-Mayor  during the coordinator’s reports part of a Council meeting was a throwaway line that he would be making a motion to change the hours of Council…