Monthly Archives: December 2012

No Way to Run a Railroad

Just in time for the Christmas media slow down, here comes Transport Canada with a press release announcing two new appointees to the board of directors of VIA Rail. Chosen by Minister of Transportation, Infrastructure and Communities Denis Lebel,

Thursday twitters

So who went to the Boxing day Sales? Why bother when the items on sale were out of stock. Apple products have been hit by a supply problem and it shows – over 100 people are backordered, at the local…

Another step into the unknown

This is a pic from 1960, we don’t know when this store was built but we do know that it will done like dinner in March 2013. Blundering into the Skillet restaurant for a quick breakfast, always the cheapest place…

Now this “Right to Work ” stuff

“Right to Work” legislation (R2W), just the mention of it sets off rabid reactions from union members and other progressives. Now that Wisconsin has crippled the Public Sector unions and Michigan has just passed R2W and the Harpercrits have just…

The view from seat number #8

Mr Mayor I rise to explain why the water rates contained in the report attached to this agenda are not being trumpeted. These rates are following a schedule of suggested raises adopted in a report way back  in 2008