Monthly Archives: January 2013

Thursday Toots

Disturbing images come to mind when reports of the Conservative caucus, held on Wednesday, are read. This meeting, to which the press had been invited – that in itself a rare wonder of communications in this tightly controlled messaging world…

Lay off the gay thing, OK

Watching from afar I can’t say I am excited about an urban woman Liberal person being the new Premier. Can’t say I would be excited by any Liberal becoming the new Premier, although it is much better than a Tory…

Sunday snippets

Provincial Liberal leadership race: Next weekend the hoopla starts for the wonks in the local libs. Unfortunately the excitement that is being created is in their own minds.

They have it right

With the news that some body in the province is pushing amalgamation of the eighty odd hydro utilities into eight – that’s a central planners wetdream, the Mayor of Cobourg appears to be the only person speaking publicly about this.…

Idle No More and the OPP

While the decision not to expand the Ontario Provincial Police into all of Port Hope last year was the correct one, the force’s top dog has demonstrated this week that their services do have a rightful place in Ontario.