Monthly Archives: August 2013

UP UP and AWAY. Again.

Seems to be that time again. The Boss and his faithful companion/wife Doreen are off on another adventure. This time it’s south to Ecuador, where the weather was unseasonably cool the day before the trip began.

A grass roots movement!


The Town's action against Citizen Miriam Mutton has taken off in a different direction. The image to the left is a copy of the invoice sent to Miriam Mutton for the first cropping of her boulevard, which was right to…

Senate follies

With the announcement that the AG is going to examine the Senate spending affair can we be fools to fall for this Tory ploy? Maybe, and then maybe not. The 68% of voters who don't like this government can hardly…

The view from Seat #8

Mr Chair – a lot to talk about tonight. But firstly a few of our esteemed Citizens have come before us tonight on a variety of issues and it behooves us to show that we have been listening. That means…

What is a fitting tribute?

Tom Macmillan was an exceptional person, and unfortunately he is no longer with us. The youtube to the left has been shamelessly stolen from Wally Keeler's upload and shows, probably one of his last appearances.  It is memorable.

A real mess

Using the cheesiest of headlines and two chicken related puns in the first paragraph Northumberland News (picture from NNews and story here)¬†profiled the plight of two well meaning people. The BR dropped into the ‘farm’ in question¬†for a chat last…