“It ain’t called answer period”

The above quote has been attributed to former PM Jean Chretien, by a blogger, so as you can see the antics and follies of an opposition trying to get an answer out of the Government during “Question Period” has been a problem for years. But as with so many other aspects of democratic discourse the governments headed by Stephen Harper have taken obstruction and obfuscation to new heights. In fact the style of governing may be a contributing factor to the problem that right wing governments have perfected in the last twenty years – voter suppression. Voter suppression is a crime and now somebody may be going to do time if the allegations are proven in court.


The latest revelations of the problems that occurred in the last federal election brought up by the opposition have been reflected in a highly charged offence by the Cons. Not admitting anything, despite evidence that irregularites have been exposed, the best defence is a good offence. To that effect the local MP (the federal guy) is going to say something in tomorrow’s edition of the second string paper in the area. We can hardly wait. These charges are nothing new as the loser of the last provincial election, Liberal Lou Rinaldi, made allegations a couple of months ago that he thought that his campaign had been hit by dirty tricks. As part of the media offensive from Ottawa the readers of the second string paper – NToday, are being prepped for a story that will involve the MPP (provincial guy) and the Fed MP saying things about the last Provincial election. For the record Mr Norlock only had one vote in this election and Mr Milligan won it. We have heard no complaints from either of these people since that day except the usual gloating that comes from Con winners, so what they are going to say will be interesting. Will their complaints beat the allegations of Mr Rinaldi and will they add anything to the debate except be perceived as whining from people who are exposed as frauds and cheaters? These two Cons should be ashamed to be acting as cheerleaders for cheats and possible crooks. We at the BR surely hope that they do not say anything that may come back to haunt them.


We in Northumberland are near enough to claim a local connection to the biggest cheerleader of them all – Dean Del Mastro of Peterborough. Just looking at his antics and listening to him on the radio makes a sensible person even wonder why they bother listening to a buffoon who does not answer questions, repeats ridiculous talking points as argument and generally gives the Cons a bad name. I just hope that nobody in Peterborough knows that he owns car dealerships surely a consumer backlash could be on the way. To get a flavour of the debate in the HoC and his role in it read this: Aaron Wherry’s report of yesterday’s QP.


The one saving grace is that there is only one more QP this week. But rest assured that this issue will not go away, it will simmer in the bckgound and emerge as charges are laid by Elections Canada just before the next election in 2015. But the damage is done to democracy, voter’s perceptions of politicians and more nails in the coffin of Parliamentary decorum. Something will come out of all of this we just don’t know what!

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  1. Deb O
    March 1, 2012 at 1:39 pm

    Sometime last week Bill Hayes linked us to a site called “Leadnow.ca” that is all about the election fraud issue and it has good information for anyone who wants to know what’s going on. Today I got a bulletin from them saying allegations have now arisen in 50 ridings and reminding people that legally, they have just thirty days from the time they identified fraud in voting to make a report to Elections Canada. That’s not a lot of time to sit and think about it, so if anybody locally has anything to report, they’d better get moving. The site explains what to do.

    This is not going away anytime soon, and Harper’s efforts to squash it will only make the issue bigger and their lies more offensive to Canadians.

  2. Merklin Muffley
    March 1, 2012 at 10:50 pm

    Nonsense. All of it nonsense. There isn’t a shred -an IOTA- of fact to any of these spurious, slanderous, scandelous, repulsive, mean-spirited, personalized, below-the-belt, cheap, unfounded, spurious, scandelous, repulsive, mean-spirited, personilized, below-the-belt, cheap, unfouded, spurious, scandelous, repulsive, mean-spirited, personalized, below-the-belt, cheap, unfounded spurious, scandelous, repulsive, mean-spirited, personalized *WARNING! WARNING! Will Robinson! WARNING! INTELLIGENCE MALFUNCTION ! UNABLE TO COMPUTE! UNABLE TO COMPUTE! DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!!!! DANGER!!!!

  3. Deb O
    March 2, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    Elections Canada has said today they have received over 31,000 individual complaints about robocalls. Let’s see Harper try to wiggle out of it now.

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