Thanks for the Shoutout John

In this morning’s Cobourg news John updates his list of local blogs and what a blog is.

For those landing on my site as a result of clicking on John’s link you may not be aware of this site and deserve an explanation.

My real name is Ben Burd and have lived in Cobourg since 1972. Politically active in the past, I have run as an NDP candidate both Federally and Provincially and served three terms on Cobourg Council and one on County Council. I am now semi retired and post less – the effects of getting older outrage is muted!

I have an opinion on most things, when asked, and use this online publication to discuss many things. This site is the sixth generation of online publications,  very early on I eschewed the description ‘blog’ as I thought the contents deserved more than a derisory caption. I do have a historical archive page ready to go up and all of my posts since 2000 will soon be available.

Anyway I hope this answers the question “who are you and what is the BurdReport?” I publish less these days and in order to avoid disappointment that no new posts are available sign up for notifications and you will receive posts in the mail.

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