So what’s been going on the last three months?

Lol-1So we have returned to Cobourg and the weather isn’t half bad!

So what’s been going on? Most municipalities have done their budgets and the usual suspects have made their views known. The activists in Cobourg have a meaty topic to bite into – The Waterfront Plan, and to its credit Council seems to have learned from the last fiasco. That was when the honcho of Public Works, now CAO of Brighton, Bill Watson (look at me in Brighton getting rapped for illegal procedures) decided to ramrod the then plan into action by not including the public. So look forward to a round of lively meetings about the future of the Waterfront. Over in Port Hope it looks like the activists in Port Hope are still up the noses of the Mayor and his Council about the LLRW Trust Fund ripoff. In Cramahe Marc Coombs is still acting like the King and King Hec, in Trent Hills is getting back to normal but keeping a low profile, maybe he is only acting like a Duke these days.

On a personal political level it appears that the last three months have been a period of heavy retrospection. Firstly the election of Donald Trump, which stunned all non Tea-Party types and has brought a feeling of nausea to a lot of people. We at the BR are stunned that that in a Country like the USA, which is supposed to be a Country of laws it is revealing to see just how much power has been ceded to the President and a majority Congress by previous Congresses. I bet the Founding Fathers when framing the Constitutions with checks and balances never thought that it would only take two hundred and forty one years to put King George back on the throne.

Talking about Trump, something that is akin to firing a flamethrower into a pedestrian mall, he was not talked about much in the last three months because the topic ignited so much emotion; we all agreed, silently, never to bring it up. But we all hoped that the self-immolation of DT will soon happen (watch for the Russian connection to blow) and watched intently every move the opposition is making. However the one thing we all could not stop talking about was the funny goings-on if you were on Putin’s list of enemies and linked to Trump’s Russian activities. Come on does anybody really believe that a witness in a coming trial really fell out of a fourth storey window while hauling up a bath tub?

It was just not American Politics that interested us Canadians drinking coffee in the sunny South. It did not go unnoticed that our own Leader – Justin Trudeau – was off doing Dictator things now that he has decimated his political opposition and the two other Parties are leaderless. He has been overwhelmingly condemned for his reversals of election promises and the breaking of major ones. So it has been agreed that all of us who were suspicious of his proposals in the first place have been vindicated. Sunny Ways indeed!

So over to you the readers, has anything piqued your interest in the last three months, annoyed you so much that you want to comment, if you do use the comment forms and emerge from Winter fully cleansed.

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  1. April 3, 2017 at 11:09 am

    Received in the mail:

    “Why no lament from the public about all the construction on our entrance park,Jubilee Park????A very expensive consultant recommended a green face for entering our town and the land was given to the owner of the plaza to make up for a perceived loss of access when William Street was re-aligned .The massive barn-like structures are an offence to the eye. Why was all this commercial approved on DONATED open space land?????……Is there not a glut of commercial in the heart of our town???.Should we not look for ways to make the downtown a healthier place? Are all the activists gone? When will we have a Council smart enough to say NO..considering the history of the land.”

  2. mike wladyka
    April 3, 2017 at 12:17 pm

    If you want rage Ben I’ve been foaming at the mouth over the
    bully boy tactics of the official organ of anglers and hunters
    over the 40 buck levy on fishing the Ganny. “…We’ll leave and
    never come back”, say the mouthpieces of the herd driven hookers
    lining the banks of the Ganaraska river. I say to hell with them and
    a big thumbs down to council who are counting lost dollars with
    no knowledge of what those dollars are.

  3. Gailr97
    April 12, 2017 at 10:02 am

    Welcome back, Ben

  4. Deb OConnor
    April 13, 2017 at 2:27 pm

    Regarding King Hector MacMillan: glad that he appears to have regained his health. Am I the only one thinking he’s getting ready to take a run at the local Conservative nomination in hopes of becoming our next MPP? Lou Rinaldi turns 71 this year, and with his party so far down the well they’ll never climb out, this might be the time he hangs up his hat and retires to Brighton.

    Not moving in tory circles I have no idea what other contenders there may be for that job, but surely all our local tories are salivating at the thought that it is once again their turn to take the reins. Who better to represent Northumberland/Quinte than our own King Hec?

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