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brocanierThis week’s opinions are about the Mayor of Cobourg. Take them for what they are – observations about current issues.

First is the issue that has been buzzing around for a couple of weeks and that is the presentation that Jerry Ford was supposed to give to Council about the problems of accessible transit and how the Town has handled the situation in the past couple of years.

For those who haven’t been keeping up with the issue, here is a backgrounder contained in Jerry’s presentation to Council on April 3rd. Basically the service after hours and on the weekend is abysmal. Perhaps the best illustration, in a deliciously ironical way is that on April 3rd Jerry couldn’t be at Council to make his presentation because the accessible transportation was not available to take him home!

However the fact that Jerry couldn’t make the presentation himself morphed into another issue. At the conclusion of the reading of Jerry’s presentation by an advocate. They were told by the Mayor that “There will be no comment’ from Council on this issue tonight, as one of the Companies involved is in a legal situation in the courts.”

Hmm since when has a legal problem with a provider ever stopped the discussion about a service provided by the Town. If there are service issues with a provider does that mean that discussion of the standards to be performed by the provider are off limits and for how long? Surely one can separate the legal issues between the Town and one of the companies involved – which one is it; the one that used to be the provider (Van Taxi) or the present provider, and the fact that the Town only provides a minimal service after 5pm and on weekends.

All Mr Ford wants are answers to the allegations of pretty crappy service that the Town is paying for and improvements to it. To be fobbed off by the GrandDaddy of all copouts – “it’s before the courts” – does nothing to enhance the responsiveness of this Council and its leader Mayor Brocanier.

Another report to hit the public this week is the Report on yearly allowances produced by the Director of Finance, Mr Davey. This report is an annual one and mandated by the Province to show just how much public money, from all sources our local Council and committee members are paid. Transparency at its best.

Well to sum up our Mayor/ County Warden/ Police Services Board member/ LUSI Director/ Public Health Unit Director collected the grand sum of $99,439.00 for his efforts. Now we would be the first to congratulate him for putting in the time to fulfill his duties in all of these positions but surely it is time to debate the need for fulltime politicians. Surely when he, or any other Mayor, is ‘double-dipping’ as the County Warden what is the time split considering that the civil service hours are 37 per week. Can the two jobs co-exist with only half a week devoted to each?

But the upshot is; a few hundred dollars under the Sunshine List exposure is pretty good coin for a local politician!


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