A seasonal tale from DC in PH

15170899_10154694881042744_2760906960994341380_nI went to jail in 1976.

The old Don Jail at Gerrard and Broadview where the last hanging in Canada took place. I did three days for unpaid parking tickets -$1,700 worth. I was in a dormitory holding cell with about 30 other scoflaws -murderers, scam artists, dreadful types like me that felt it was their right to park wherever they wanted. The cell reeked of stale tobacco and body odour -but the food was good, made better even by the fact that a Kentucky Fried Chicken on the other side of Gerrard could be glimpsed through the bars and Don Jail chicken was better than KFC.

Light relief from our Pal in PH

As happens often, a young couple came to the door seeking my advice. They bore the furrowed brows of the confused, a hallmark of those living outside Facebook, always an encouraging sign.

“Mr. Christie, we’re confused -as you can probably tell from our furrowed brows.” the young man said.

It’s Monday so here’s a post

cccGet used to it folks, this place will soon be the only place for recreation programmes in the Town. Despite the fact that a lot of people prefer to use the Market Building and despite the fact that the CCC is not as accessible as the ‘crats believe, it is going to be the hub of activity as the Director of parks and Rec (and don’t forget Culture) as the department consolidates.

Finally a post!

You may have noticed that there has not been a post on this site since August 25th many weeks ago. I owe you, the faithful readers an explanation – ennui and a sense of “what’s the point” set in.

Another one from Port Hope

Listening last Sunday to CBC’s ‘The One-Eighty’ with Jim Brown, I again heard the voice of one Jason Shron, train enthusiast extrodinaire, tireless proponent of high speed rail, and owner of Rapido Trains -which, it should be made clear, is a manufacturer of model trains.

Finally something we can get excited about

imagesIf one remembers the debate at Cobourg Council two months ago when the man with the most votes of the losers in the 2014 Municipal Election was appointed to replace resigning Councillor Rickerby one would also remember that a policy about filling future vacancies was commissioned.

How about some good news and then some really bad news

videoWith the welcome news that Cobourg Council will begin ‘streaming’ its meetings comes the absolutely horrible news that they will only be available for three months. For those who have waited for the campaign promise and strategic plan entry the news that ‘streaming’ video will be coming at us over the interwebthingy isĀ  a big “What kept yah”. But the idea that only three months worth of history will available on “civicweb” is a big letdown and heresy to all of who value history as it is being made.

Summer Time send us your pieces.

From Dan Christie:

Donald Trump: Man Of Peace
One of my favourite Dylan albums is 1983’s ‘Infidels’. For the affecianado, all of Bob Dylan’s work contains insights, real or imagined, that can be conveniently applied this way or that to whatever argument a person might be making -especially as those insights apply to politics.

One of those “Oh No” moments

NonameAs a person who was born and raised in the UK,the events of the last few days have been puzzling to observe and even more puzzling to understand. What condition produced the surprising result of the Brexit debate – that to leave?

Assorted jottings and comments

Election Fraud:

It is unthinkable for the majority that such a headline might exist in the mighty Kingdoms of North America and those who propogate it could be considered to wear tin-foil hats. But the rumblings of such a thing gets louder and louder each day. This what one blogger wrote the other day,

A camel is a horse produced by a committee!

ymca1At the next CoW meeting Cobourg Council will read and discuss a report produced by a committee composed of Town Staff, Elected officials and YMCA members and Staff. This committee has been meeting since a resolution was passed by Council in April 2015 that discussions take place exploring the possibility of putting a shared facility at the CCC.

A shifting time

Cobourg_CoatofArmsThe busiest person in the Cobourg Town Hall this week was the poor sod who has to put names on plates and hang them in their respective doors or desks. One new Councillor, one leaving Director of Public Works and a new one taking his place.