An interesting turn

wordleLiberalNews coming from the Liberal Party of Canada’s National Board, after a three hour meeting with LPC Party Leader – PM Justin Trudeau on Saturday, has us at the BR a little bewildered.

The end of the year

Renewal will be the watchword but only after a three month break. We will be living the winter in another Country and a different lifestyle so this “normal” way of doing things will be suspended, even this online opinion page.

So as we depart for sunnier climes all the best to our faithful readers and a sense of renewal to you all.

Our two cents worth

imagesThe refugee debate has been raging for many weeks now, in fact since the the Liberals pledged to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees befire the end of the year.

11148730_1088088784557476_1182460997385532315_nWe have all been bombarded with images and pleas on our face book feeds that border on absolute racism and xenophobia. A lot of this crap is shared from the UK where they have been dealing white ‘white-power’ for years.